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Committed to finding the best solutions to your challenges, and the best approaches to new opportunities.


National Service Grants

Expert Guidance

With 10 years of program supervisor and director experience, we have the capabilities and knowledge to advise you on AmeriCorps State (Kansas and Missouri) and VISTA grant opportunities. We can help you:

  • determine if this is the right resource to meet your needs

  • write the grant application, including aligned outcomes, logic models, and budgets

  • develop a sound member management plan, from recruitment to training and evaluation, based on best practices

For NCCC opportunities, we can work with you to create a realistic plan identifying short term project goals and community partners.

(Not sure what these acronyms mean? Check out our FAQ page!)

Volunteer Programs

Engaging Everyone

Our staff brings over 20 years of experience in managing and working with volunteers. We can help you:

  • assess your current program with an objective eye, then determine a path for meeting future needs

  • create and implement a plan to engage individuals/groups in your mission, who may have been previously overlooked

  • evaluate volunteer management software to meet your needs, and assist with training or support

  • maximize professional development opportunities and resources

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Meaningful Experiences

Maybe you've considered having an intern (or 2 or 3!) who could take on special projects or just everyday tasks, or perhaps you've had a not-quite-what-we-expected/needed internship experience in the past. Let's work together to create positive outcomes for both you and the student(s)! We can help you: 

  • identify roles, responsibilities, and projects for undergrad/graduate student interns

  • implement best practices for a successful intern program, from recruitment to onboarding and evaluation

  • connect you with schools and associations for ongoing professional development, support and resources

Nonprofit Boards

Successful Starts

If your board is functioning perfectly, then our services may not be for you (but we'd love to pick your brain!) We bring real-world experience gleaned from serving on diverse boards - including all-volunteer organizations, associations, governing, and start-ups - alongside nearly every personality type. We can help you:

  • engage new voices at the table by creating an inclusive recruitment plan​

  • ​develop board orientation materials, policies, and procedures

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